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08 Agos 2015 
Our inaugural intern class had eight females from 28 engineering interns, which is 29%."

Further elaborating on her discovery, Tracy stated, "Many people request me if it's simpler because we're Pinterest. By Simply college, women constitute under 12% regarding graduating CS majors."

Looking in the real quantities of Pinterest, Tracy states (at the time of your printed article) Pinterest has, "11 females from 89 engineers, putting us from 12% female within engineering -- the identical percentage as coming out of undergraduate CS programs. Calling out tech companies regarding not, "having honest conversations in regards to the issue," Tracy challenged your quantities of different tech companies: What may always be the real number of females employed from these companies? Your Woman even dove deeper into the issue, identifying in that the real difficulty could lie. Pinterest offers developed a public promise to become able to strive in direction of the goal involving hiring more women and also ethnically diverse employees by the end regarding 2016. Even fewer are usually participating in personal computer science lessons within higher school. We're in addition investing in implementing a Rooney Rule-like requirement for you to ensure no much less than 1 minority then one female candidate being considered with the interview stage for each open up leadership position."

They plan to do this by simply expanding their own recruiting efforts using a steered give attention to females and distinct ethnicities. Pertaining To almost all roles outside involving engineering, we're investing in growing hiring prices to 12% ethnically and/or racially diverse from the finish of 2016. We have got being thoughtful with regards to sourcing candidates along with constructing the best culture, and we purchase deliberate efforts to connect with females inside the community. However we're eager to start the particular conversation."

Pinterest continues for you to be really open up concerning this initiative and commits to become able to holding by themselves accountable for you to results. That may not merely always be tech companies certainly not hiring women, it could function as lack of ladies applying.

What do you imagine - will be Pinterest's initiative a huge the solution to equality within the workplace, or even do we still have a long way to go?

We'll follow this. Pinterest isn't the sole organization addressing this issue. Exactly what sparked this initiative would always be a blog publish by simply female Pinterest engineer, Tracy Chou. We're still learning and growing, along with we could improve about measuring along with knowing our funnels as well. Jewelbots, any STEM-education targeted wearable, in addition aims to encourage young girls to take a liking to tech-focused studies.. The Actual publish surfaced the disparities of females within tech careers.

"Not sufficient girls are taking math as well as science classes in primary school. It's not, really. per a statement coming from his or her spokesperson:

"We're publicly committing to increasing hiring prices pertaining to full-time engineering roles to be able to 30% female and also 8% ethnically and/or racially diverse from the finish regarding 2016

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07 Agos 2015 
They had struggled financially too. Trump doesn't even provide an "issues" section in his website.

Although your economy is actually means before where it absolutely was four many years ago, Americans aren't happy. It's in which it's walking instead of sprinting.

Americans don't be ok with their pocketbooks, yet the campaigns don't appear to obtain it yet. More Than 6.5 million individuals function part-time jobs but want full-time jobs. Now the particular GOP wants answers. Nevertheless it isn't happening, yet another sign of the actual deeper fears.

3) Individuals aren't purchasing things

Americans use a reputation to be huge spenders, but the actual numbers present they are even now inside a Recession Hangover along with aren't shelling out like they once did.

Economists kept pondering spending would pick up, especially along with gasoline prices thus low. It reflects how folks are nervous concerning the future. obama economy

they involve some grist for you to perform with.

Therefore far, those details happen to be light, as you may expect only in that stage.

Perhaps much more alarming will be the return involving pessimism.

The Actual Obama economy offers problems. That's a real difficulty since the actual U.S. Your jitters are generally back. Chris Christie would place out a 5-point economic plan. Part-time workers tend to be 5 occasions more likely to reside in poverty as compared to his or her full-time peers.

2) As Well many part-time work opportunities

Of course unemployment features fallen a great deal since President Obama took office, but America features a "hidden unemployment" problem. is expanding again (better as compared to Europe and Japan). too many people don't feel they can get ahead.

Your problem now isn't that the economy is at a dead stop. These People are usually working again, nevertheless they feel stuck -- and thus they think their own children will be even worse off.

Related: look out, Trump. Marco Rubio were necessary to raid his retirement funds in order to cover home repairs and Hillary Clinton even now pays a mortgage on her house.

Nevertheless that's needs to feel too much being a 2008 or even 2012 approach. Which signifies that the actual typical family members is not actually virtually any much better off now as compared to two decades ago, despite getting jobs. The Particular annual savings rate, now over 5%, can be significantly higher than your pre-recession norm associated with around 3%, according to the Federal Reserve. America can be no longer inside the Excellent Recession. Just Take a new examine Gallup's U.S. Individuals aren't losing their homes like they will were, along along with a lot of people have work opportunities again.

For You To steal Paul Krugman's term coming from 1990s, it feels as though we're inside the "Age associated with Diminished Expectations."

Related: Precisely why Puerto Rico attracts billionaires despite economic woes

Your big issues: To be Able To realize real people economics now, look at 3 factors.

Within your early events of the 2016 marketing campaign trail, candidates had been seeking to show normal Americans they "got it" upon economics. It's simply 4 pages long, but might be one in the most within depth proposal to end up being able to come out yet. That should go for the coronary heart involving why there's a great deal fascination within the minimal wage and also inequality concerns within this election. However the sensation about each facets with the political aisle -- and definitely about main Street -- is actually we can do better.

Related: America's Act II: Will the economy arrive back?

Precisely what candidates should do

Portion regarding the principal reason Donald Trump does well is actually because his campaign slogan -- "Make America Excellent Again" -- is actually shaping up to become 2016's variation involving Barack Obama's "Hope." This features connotations of your far better long term on the great deal of levels, but especially to your pocketbook.

No, it's not a terrible economy anymore. It's not only concerning candidates "getting it," it's with regards to having ideas on the approach to acquire America actually heading again. Half involving the nation flat out disapproves associated with how the president is handling the actual economy, in accordance with current Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. Bush as well as Christie vow to be able to double economic growth

Gloomy outlook: This isn't 2008. That's much higher compared for you to the approximately 4.5 million part-timers before the Excellent Recession began. economy relies about 70% on consumption (aka people buying things). The Particular U.S. Economic Confidence Index.

Even upon Wall Street and furthermore at your Federal Reserve, the actual experts had been predicting significantly stronger rise in 2015 (near 3% with regard to GDP this year) as compared to what's turning out to be the particular case.

the best "minimum wage" improve of all would be to get a large amount of these part-time workers back to full-time employment -- and the salaries and also advantages that frequently occur using it. Additionally, it doesn't harm in which he's operate several effective companies and presents any vision of which helps make it throughout America. It's measured weekly, and in addition the 1st August studying can be negative -- the lowest since final October. That's why unemployment fallen in order to 5.3% -- certainly not definately not what economists have in order to say is normal.

CNNMoney (New York) August 6, 2015: 2:34 PM ET

. nearly two-thirds involving Americans surveyed by Pew Study think kids nowadays will develop to be throughout poorer financial shape compared to their parents.

1) Folks aren't earning a lot more than they will did throughout 1995

Family Members incomes -- what information crunchers contact "household incomes" -- within the United States of America are generally the identical now as these folks were inside 1995 after a person alter pertaining to inflation. (It's a lot much more like 2% to 2.5%)

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07 Agos 2015 
What may appear such as cynicism could probably be Winslow's realism. View Archive

Winslow, 61, was at Washington in order to publicize his 16th crime novel, "The Cartel," any sequel to end up being able to "The power with the Dog" (2005). emergency space physicians are, Winslow says, glad that Mexicans, making use of precursor drugs from China, have got over the majority of manufacturing regarding methamphetamines since this features "standardized the particular product," making it less difficult regarding physicians in order to standardize therapy protocols. foreign policy problems within Central America through the Cold War, when, he says, arming anti-communists became entangled using the drug trade. Yet 1,000 euros invested within cocaine throughout Colombia could get returned 182,000 euros in Europe, assuming -- a reasonable bet -- you might obtain the cocaine past law enforcement. He favors drug legalization because interdiction "is any broom sweeping again the ocean" also, since legalization would financially cripple the cartels. Saviano, a new somewhat overwrought writer, understands the effectiveness of economics: 1 thousand euros invested within Apple stock inside January 2012 would have been really worth 1,670 euros yr later. He began his column together with the Submit inside 1974, and he received the particular Pulitzer Reward for Commentary inside 1977. Hence today's northward flow associated with drugs, southward flow of income along with drenching flow involving Mexican blood because the cartels war with 1 an additional and together with Mexico's federal, state as well as neighborhood governments. Since President Nixon declared the war, the caliber of drugs reaching U.S. Thus read his novels as didactic entertainment -- an individual will be vastly entertained although mastering many disturbing items -- not really as policy prescriptions.

Many involving Winslow's lurid passages -- all, he says, "inspired by simply actual events" -- are generally essentially confirmed within Roberto Saviano's "ZeroZeroZero," any nonfiction guide upon the entire world cocaine trade, published from the Italian journalist that has had police protection since he 1st published throughout 2006 "Gomorrah," any statement on the Neapolitan branch of the Sicilian Mafia.

Winslow now lives in Southern California a small way in the border. Will writes a new twice-weekly column about politics and domestic along with foreign affairs. He settled inside a neighborhood location referred in order to as -- really -- Beyond Hope, an excellent place to start his path to "The Cartel."

Study much more via George F. Will's archive or even follow him in Facebook. The Particular novels are, together, 1,200 pages involving gripping narrative, mind-numbing carnage as well as mind-opening reportage concerning the "war in drugs" that's in its fifth decade. Winslow believes that the Islamic State is actually mimicking your cartels' "vocabulary regarding mutilation" to create its charisma of cruelty -- Internet videos of beheadings, dismemberments, crucifixions, flayings, immolations, etc. "There were others," he says. Each are usually regarding Guzmán along along with other heads of the Sinaloa along with rival cartels.

. The man with the left, Winslow provides scant sympathy pertaining to U.S. drug enforcement success.

More Mexicans have got died inside drug-related violence -- 100,000 within ten years; overall, nearly twice the actual number of American fatalities inside Vietnam. "The Cartel" is dedicated to become able to 131 journalists, most named, who, for their reporting about drug violence, are known to have died or perhaps vanished. Yet much less bloodshed in Mexico will mean much more social regression within the United States: Today's ranges associated with addiction tend to be nowhere nearby the amounts that will probably will be reached below legalization, even without assuming the marketing and advertising measures that possibly could be legal. streets features risen and also prices get fallen. Don Winslow, novelist and also conscientious objector to end up being able to America's longest "war," had been skeptical when he was in Washington on the recent Sunday morning. Questioned regarding this, Winslow, his fork poised more than an omelet, dryly mentioned he thinks Guzmán may well truly get driven away in the prison's front gate in the Lincoln City Car. Together With exquisite understatement, the particular Wall Street Journal studies that will his latest escape raised "new concerns about corruption throughout Mexican law enforcement."

George F. Throughout your 1980s, the South Florida Process Force produced the actual "balloon effect" -- squeeze the balloon in one spot, it bulges inside another. Whenever he made a choice to turn into a author he gone to reside in Idaho, where his sister had been mayor of the city of Hope.

In each novels, Winslow relentlessly but not unreasonably compares the particular war in drugs to the war within Vietnam -- American "advisers," "the dull bass whop-whop-whop involving helicopter rotors," defoliants, assassinations, intelligence failures along with futility. the process force deflected sea-borne cocaine imports for you to Mexico.

Guzman reportedly disappeared through the tunnel practically a mile long and built entirely for his escape. Fourteen years ago, Guzmán allegedly escaped coming from an additional "maximum security" prison by just hiding in a laundry cart. This particular was shortly following news broke concerning the escape, coming from among Mexico's "maximum security" prisons, of Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, head of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Some U.S. As Well As there probably will be more. He is also a new contributor to FOX News' daytime along with primetime programming.

Mexico can be a casualty of your U.S

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05 Agos 2015 
You can't miss the Arcade Comedy Theater. Nestled on Liberty Avenue on the edge of Downtown's Cultural District, the theater's façade is painted in a technicolor scheme of pink, yellow and blue, and boasts a large neon sign prominently displaying its name. Inside, visitors are greeted with a decor that's a cool mix between a Dave & Buster's and a NYC comedy club. The main stage is outfitted with exposed brick walls, throwing back to a scheme reminiscent of a New York club scene that can be seen on reruns of "Louie" and "Seinfeld." Throughout the theater lobby one can find actual arcade games -- hence the name.

Arcade Comedy Theater

Where: 811 Liberty Ave., Downtown.

Upcoming shows: Friday: "Your Life: The Musical" (8-9:30 p.m.); "Blue Light Special" (10-11:30 p.m.). Saturday: "Penny Arcade Kids Comedy Show" (1-2:30 p.m.); "Beta Stage" (6-7 p.m.); "Arcade Hootenanny" (8-9:30 p.m.); "Hotel Nowhere & Well Known Strangers" (10-11:30 p.m.); Sunday: "Bonus Stage" (7-8:30 p.m.)

Information and tickets:, or 1-888-71-TICKETS.

It's a fun and welcoming atmosphere that often has unintended consequences.

"We often have to lock the door when we're not open," co-founder Abby Fudor remarked, as a woman peered through the glass to see inside the theater. "Because people will often wander in."

The Arcade Comedy Theater was founded in January 2013 under creative directors Ms. Fudor, Randy Kirk, Jethro Nolen, Kristy Nolen and Mike Rubino. Realizing that there were a lot of comedy groups scattered around Pittsburgh that didn't have a central location in which to perform, the group came up with the idea of a theater that could show "comedy is art, and an art form," Ms. Fudor said.

Through Mr. Kirk's connection with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust as manager at the Cabaret at Theater Square, the group won approval of a proposal for their venue. The Trust is Arcade Comedy Theater's landlord and also offers guidance on how the theater may grow financially.

"From the very beginning they included us in Gallery Crawls, their festivals and marketing as well. They're really more like our landlords with an asterisk," Mr. Kirk said of the relationship.

The theater has grown into a company that now offers a mix of classes, workshops and shows featuring local and national acts.

Arcade began to offer classes in March 2013, starting with "Improv One: The Basics." Ms. Fudor admitted that it was a "struggle" to fill that first improv class, and describes other challenges that occurred in the first year, such as filling shows or finding performers.

Shows have continued to grow attendance since the early days that averaged 41 people per show (with a total attendance of 7,130 from February 2013 to December 2013, which includes both ticketed Arcade events and free Trust events). In 2014, Arcade averaged closer to 48 people per show (with a total attendance of 12,549). National acts the theater has hosted include Kingsbury of iO Chicago, Asaf Ronen of Austin, Texas, and Wham City of Baltimore.

"We're sort of at a place where theater companies feel like they can experiment in the comedy realm, and I love that," said Mr. Kirk. "We want to be that place where successful and talented artists who want to stretch out their comedy muscles have a place where they can do it in a professional and good way."

Of significant note is Pittsburgh's location between Chicago and New York -- two meccas of the comedy world -- which makes it easy for comedians to make a pit stop while touring.

Indeed, on any given weekend night, patrons can find a mix of improv, sketch and comedy shows, like "Penny Arcade," a children's improv show created from crafts and literary prompts created from "Collaboration Stations" beforehand.

"One of our distinguishing features is that we don't focus on one type of comedy. We do all sorts of comedy. We have a bit of an experimental flair -- sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't," said Jethro Nolen.

One example of a show that pushes comedic barriers is "Knights of the Arcade," a live Dungeons & Dragons game played on stage. The show has proven to be popular, and Mr. Nolen admits that "it's not the type of thing we would have put together if we just did stand up, or improv or sketch. ... Because we're open and we're a space where we want other people to produce their own content, we had a home run that we would not have explored otherwise."

Mr. Nolen was not exaggerating. During a recent "Knights of the Arcade," the theater was at capacity well before the show was slated to begin. Diversity was evident in the range of ages and races in the audience, and a BYOB policy allowed for many laughs and an atmosphere that most anybody could enjoy.

Now in its third year, the Arcade Comedy Theater is in a bind of sorts. After spending its first year trying to figure out how to survive in the Pittsburgh comedy world and its second year growing artistically, the theater now has an eye toward development -- which is a challenge for a relatively new nonprofit arts organization.

"We just established a board, and our board president, Adam Novak, does development for Duquesne University so he has been extremely helpful in terms of growing as quickly as we can," Ms. Fudor said. "Most of us have full- or part-time other jobs. We want to grow as soon as we can so that we can do this full time."

Mr. Novak said that he'd like to see more funds available for their classes, explaining that "we have really talented performers coming in and I want to make sure we can compensate our house teams and other performers well and also provide an incentive to provide professional performers to come to the Arcade to perform."

When asked how he planned to achieve that, he said, "We have to enhance our relationship with the foundation community in Pittsburgh. We're still young and Pittsburgh is a huge hub of nonprofits. So there's competition out there and we need to make ourselves known ... and also be sure that former students who have gone through programs who believe in the mission are inclined to make sure that another generation has the same opportunity that they've had."

When the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust was formed 40 years ago, Liberty Avenue was known as a red-light district, and the only performance venue in the area was Heinz Hall, so performance groups such as the ballet and opera were forced to operate in proximity to adult bookstores and porn shops.

"People would come to Heinz Hall and run from the garage to the hall and run back after they saw a performance," said Rona Nesbit, executive vice president of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

The first step was transforming the Stanley Theatre into the Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, and the next phase was replacing the ground level spaces with local organizations that otherwise couldn't afford to be there.

These days, Arcade's neighbors include Bricolage Theater, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company, the ToonSeum and the Trust Arts Education Center.

"Not only has it created animation and excitement for the district, but it has really helped to, I think, develop and grow some of the smaller arts organizations," explained Ms. Nesbit. She added that the Cultural District as an attraction has been a catalyst for the growing residential population, "which is just amazing to have around 10,000 people living Downtown."

"I really feel lucky to be in Pittsburgh at this moment," Jethro Nolen said. "Our job is to continue being a place where people can see, do and learn about comedy. We've been very fortunate that we've been this successful this quickly and I can't wait to see what the next few years have for us."

Valcy Etienne: [email protected]
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05 Agos 2015 
The Web Techniques Consortium (ISC), which in turn develops Bind, said in a tweet the vulnerability had been "particularly critical" and also "easily exploited".

Daniel Cid, a new networking expert at Sucuri features published a blog post about the vulnerability by which he explained in which real exploits taking benefit of the actual flaw have got currently happened.

Cybersecurity expert Brian Honan commented which a new spike throughout exploits with the flaw ended up being expected more than the actual next few days.

"Based upon our experience, server software, like Bind, Apache, OpenSSL and also others, do not necessarily get patched normally as they should."

Bind will be the name of the variety of Website Name System (DNS) software utilized on the vast majority of world wide web servers.

"Average internet surfers won't feel a lot pain, besides a couple of sites and email servers down," he said.

Regular online users are usually unlikely to become severely affected, however.

Exploiting it could threaten the particular smooth running of net services as it enables hackers to launch denial-of-service attacks on websites, potentially forcing these people offline.

However, he added that sites would usually be accessible by means of additional routes as well as cached addresses in DNS servers round the world, even when specific important DNS servers are already created in order to crash.

He informed the particular BBC: "A few in our clients, in numerous industries, had their particular DNS servers crashed because of it.

The bug targets techniques that change URLs straight into IP addresses.

"It's not just a doomsday scenario, it's actually a issue of earning sure your DNS construction could always work while patches are generally rolled out," he said.

Internet users could be affected through exploits that will throw sites offline

Internet customers might be affected by exploits which toss sites offline

Hackers are exploiting the severe flaw inside the internet's architecture, based on a burglar firm.

The effect on general internet users can be likely being minimal, in accordance with Mr Cid.

A patch for the flaw is available, nevertheless many systems are yet to become updated.

The just lately identified bug allows attackers to crash the software, therefore using the DNS services offline as well as preventing URLs, for example, coming from working.

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